Jordyn | Pittsburgh Senior Portraits | Pittsburgh Senior Photographer |Senior Portraits Butler PA

Jordyn is a doll, and I loved our shooting time spent together! She’s got the coolest style–laid back but full of personality! We met at Allegheny Cemetery for greenery photos, and then walked around Lawrenceville in Pittsburgh for the cool city scapes and beautiful murals.

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Cody & Rachel | For All Family Farms Wedding |For All Family Farm Wedding | Butler PA Wedding Photographer | Butler PA Farm Wedding | Butler Farm Wedding

Rachel and Cody are two peas in a pod with their love of the outdoors, and for each other. Their beautiful, romantic wedding was perfectly set outside in rolling hills with a glowing sunset, surrounded by loved ones. Rachel looked stunning in her gown, and their cheerful colors of yellow and light gray complimented the rustic features through the barn and ceremony. These two were perfect models–lost in the moment of each other, their vows, and their first dance, everyone was crying (including me) and I could have shot them all day. Their love is beautiful and uplifting to see–I wish them a long and happy life together ❤


Loved spending the day with you! All the best ❤

Liz & Adam | Saint Wendelin Wedding | St. Wendelin’s Wedding | Butler PA Wedding | Fenelton PA Wedding | Happy Hunters Sportsman Club Wedding

Every time I see lemons or yellow, I now think of Liz. This color fits her personality perfectly–bright, cheerful, and welcoming. Liz and Adam had a beautiful day, and were surrounded by so many people to love and support them. There love is both inspiring and heartwarming–they are all about each other and their gorgeous littles. The heartfelt ceremony was followed by a huge party–one of the most popular I’ve shot–but everyone got a turn to wish Liz and Adam a life of love together.



Loved spending the day with you two ❤ All the best! ❤

Ashton & Tom | Butler PA Wedding |For All Family Farm Wedding | For All Family Farms Wedding | Butler Farm Wedding | Butler Wedding Photographer

Ashton and Tom tied the knot on a beautiful day surrounded by their family and friends. Aside from loving her color choice of purple paired with succulents (that she actually grew! yes!) I loved their unity ceremony. A beautiful hippie soul, Ashton chose a tree, which perfectly represents their relationship, to be watered and planted. This really showcased her unique personality, as well as her and Tom’s strong and growing love for each other.

Loved spending the day with you two! ❤ All the best! ❤

Katie & Tony | Butler’s Grand Ballroom | The Grand Ballroom of Butler | Butler Ballroom | Butler Ballroom Wedding | Butler’s Grand Ballroom Wedding

I loved looking through Katie and Tony’s elegant wedding photos again! This was a perfect day with gorgeous weather, sweet princess gowns, a huge bouquet of wildflowers, a precious First Look Session, and some of my favorite night photos ever. With their family and friends surrounding them, they said beautiful vows at The Grand Ballroom of Butler. During the reception, we snuck to the rooftop to take a few snaps overlooking the city lights.




All the best, sweethearts! Thanks for having me ❤

Sarah & Audie | St. Wendelin’s Wedding | Saint Wendelin’s Wedding | Highfield Hall Wedding

Sarah and Audie make the sweetest couple. They are such good friends, have a ton of inside jokes, and are so affectionate with each other. Their friends are the center of their life, and they threw a fantastic party to celebrate their vows. Shooting their wedding was a joy getting to know everyone, and even though there was a toonnnn of rain, we got to take some beautiful portraits in the sanctuary at St. Wendelin’s. During the reception, one of Sarah’s bridesmaids watched the weather radar like it was her job, and found us a ten minute window to be able to get some portraits outside!






Thanks for having me! Everyone had such a blast on your day! ❤

Kylee & Chris | Laube Hall Wedding Photos | Laube Hall

I loved going through Kylee and Chris’s wedding photos again! I’ve been catching up on my wedding blogging, and this wedding was picture perfect. Kylee lovingly put all the details together, and Chris made beautiful wooden pieces for their decor and cake serving ware. They each put a piece of their heart into this wedding, and their love for each other shows in each element!






Thanks for having me! All the best to you!!! ❤

Brittany & Sean | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer | Hampton Banquet Hall Wedding Photos | Gibsonia Wedding Photographer | Hampton Banquet Hall Wedding Pictures | Butler Wedding Photographer

I’m so excited to share Brittany and Sean’s wedding! The details were chic and glam, including Brittany’s Kate Spade heels, and Sean’s Rosary from Italy. It’s been a while since I’ve been blogging the weddings I’ve shot, and this one was special because these two are head over heels for each other. Brittany made this day about everyone else–she was so attentive to everyone and wanted all of her guests to have a good time–which they certainly did!

Brittany and Sean opted for a First Look Session for their Bridal Formals, since their ceremony wasn’t until the evening. A First Look breaks the old tradition of waiting until after the ceremony to see each other–I LOVE these because it’s so intimate–it’s a special moment shared just between you and your almost-spouse! We pick a meeting place that you both love a few weeks before and the groom waits for his bride there. She walks up behind him, and when she’s ready, she touches his shoulder. He turns to see him, not just as his love and his girlfriend/wife, but as his BRIDE! The facial expressions, the reactions, the tears…there are no words to describe how fantastic it is to see each partner’s looks and exclamations to each other! It’s just JOYFUL ❤




Thanks so much for choosing me for your photographer! It was a blast! ❤ I wish you a long and happy life together! ❤

Jess & Zach |Laube Hall Wedding | Laube Hall Freeport | Laube Hall Wedding Photos | Freeport Wedding Photographer | Butler Wedding Photographer | Butler PA Wedding Photography

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a break from blogging, and now that I’m back on, I’m SOOOOO ridiculously excited to share Jess and Zach’s wedding! It was seriously one of my favorite days ever, not just because it was a FUN wedding, but because it was an honor and a joy to watch these two say vows they wrote themselves (which were hilarious and cute at the same time!) but also to see everyone so happy. Jess and Zach are a rare find in today’s instant world. They really did restore my faith in humanity. They are such wonderful people, a friend to anyone, warm and welcoming to strangers, and made everyone feel included and comfortable. Once you make a friend in them, you have a friend for life. I even ran into Jess last week, and chatted it up like we hadn’t missed a day. These gems deserve a long life of happiness together.





Thanks for having me shoot your wonderful day! All the best to you both, always ❤

Trisha & Luke | Butler Wedding Photographer | Butler Wedding Photography | Western PA Wedding Photographer | Home Wedding Photos |Backyard Wedding Photos | Backyard Wedding Photography

One of theee most fun weddings I’ve shot was Trisha and Luke’s–everyone was warm and welcoming, and had a blast together. This wedding was on beautiful day in July, and even though I took a break from blogging, I’m so glad to look back on these pictures on a snow day like today.
From the moment I met Trisha, I knew it would be a crazy day in all the best ways! Luke had “the” hockey team for all his groomsmen, he’s #popularitygoals for sure! The girls cheerful Tiffany Blue dresses showed off Trisha’s energetic and outgoing personality. Hosted by the family, their backyard was the perfect setting for an evening of cigars, cornhole, and catching up. It was a gorgeous day with a glowy sunset, finished off perfectly by a jump in the pool!


Thanks so much for having me capture one of THE most fun weddings! All the best! ❤