Camie & Dan | Saltsburg Wedding

It was wonderful to watch Camie and Dan exchange vows in this sweet little church surrounded by family and friends. Afterwords we headed outside, the weather was gorgeous, and we spent some time overlooking the river.

Kayla hooks up Camie’s gown 🙂

All the beautiful detailing on her intricate gown! Loved it!

Just loved their adorable birch-tree cake, with their initials “carved” into it! 🙂

Camie truly had her Woodland Theme down to a T–with the baby pine cones and this wonderful moss laid out on the entry table.

Too much fun guys 🙂

Camie with her mom ❤

They wanted to do something “serious” but it just wasn’t working because…we all laughed too much. Still, turned out nice, guys!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with me! It was wonderful to watch you dance with your family and friends! Many years of health and happiness to you! ❤


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