Rachel & Aaron | Succop Conservancy Wedding

I’m always a little nervous when I meet up with clients face to face for the first time, but from the moment I met Rachel and Aaron, I was immediatley at ease. They are friendly and genuine people, and I’d soon come to find that they treated all of their family and friends with love and respect. It was wonderful to see Rachel and Aaron surrounded by loved ones simply because everyone likes being around them! Rachel is as sweet as she is stunning, and Aaron is a perfect gentleman. I was so excited to spend the day with them! They couldn’t have picked a better day, the weather was perfect and the Succop Conservancy held a beautiful backdrop for their Black and White Themed wedding.

These beautiful paper lanterns echoed the black and white theme to the ceiling, and were just so pretty!

Place cards looked so elegant placed against black and white jacquard print paper. For her favors, Rachel had wine charms and fans. The fans we later used as a sassy prop for the bridesmaid photo! The wine glass charms were a big hit with the ladies, too!

Rachel DIY’d almost everything–be sure to get a look at all the details throughout!

Annnd then there’s the dress…the Item that started the Black and White theme! Take a look at this exquisite gown by Sottero and Midgley! It’s timeless and unique.

Rachel’s black lace Aldo stilettos…complete with “I Do” in Tiffany blue on the bottom!

Everyone toasted Rachel before getting dressed šŸ™‚

This room had no shortage of pretty girls…love this image below! Gorgeous!
Rachel’s bridesmaids were smart–in order to hook all the buttons on her gown, they brought crochet needles with them! It was easy to get the buttons through the eye this way. These needles can be purchased at Michael’s Craft store here, and come in lots of different sizes.

Can’t lie, photographing Rachel was SO fun! She’s just so pretty, and her smile lights up the room! She truly is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She’s a doll!

I love these close-ups, they are so classic!

We did a semi-sassy one too, just because she’s so gorgeous and the dress was so incredibly versatile, there are just so many different looks with a beautiful girl and an awesome gown!

Loved turning some of these black and white!

Heirloom wedding bands tied to her bouquet for her something old and borrowed!

After the girls were done dressing, I hopped downstairs to catch up with Aaron and his groomsmen to watch them pin on their boutineers. Rachel’s mom also came in for a quick hug before the ceremony!

I loved this new take on tradition–both of Rachel’s parents walked her down the isle šŸ™‚

Sisters in law looking on šŸ™‚
Rachel’s mom has the cutest smile šŸ™‚

This was something Rachel had an idea for–right after the ceremony, after she and Aaron walked down the isle, she wanted to have “just five minutes” alone with him. In our meeting that we had before their day, she said “I’m marrying him, and I know the day is going to go so fast, but the day is there for us, and I just want to take a moment and soak it in”. She has absolutely the right idea! I told her I’d scout out a place where they could have a break, and this little cove by a greenhouse was a great fit. Wanting to truly give Rachel her wish of being only with Aaron for a moment, I stood quite a bit away from where they were and shot telephoto, and snapped this sweet photo of them šŸ™‚

After shooting the family formals in front of the arbor, we headed to the pond to do the bridal party portrait!

We took some of the fans and used them for the cute bridesmaids! Too fun šŸ™‚

And all the good looking gentlemen!

Annnnd a really cool jump photo šŸ™‚

And then we did Rachel & Aaron’s bridal portrait–perfect weather, beautiful woods, and two people head over heels for each other!

I loved the look of the back courtyard paired with Rachel’s dress, it looks like a photo that was taken 100 years ago, and is still gorgeous to this day!

The lovely table scape at the reception–black and white with lots of lush greenery to soften the edges.

I loved how the candles were set in black glitter sand. It gave it some sparkle while holding the candle stabilized in place!

Loved these adorable lanterns that lined the pathway to the reception.

The beautiful (and delicious!) cake was made by Cakes by Autumn, and I actually got to talk with her a bit while she was setting up the cake. She’s a dear and she’s very talented!

Everyone had a great time dancing! Craig Lawrence of Red Hot Chameleon kept the dance floor filled the whole night! He really knows how to get your party going!

After dinner, Rachel said she’d like to do some sunset photos. I’m sooOooOoooOoo glad she wanted to do that, because look at these photos!
Sunset is the best time to shoot, with glowing rays from the setting sun, the light filtering through the trees, and a beautiful couple to frame sun flares with, it’s just wonderful. I’m very glad she set aside some time for another small shoot, because it’s worth it for you to take a break with your new spouse and enjoy a short break together. Your wedding day goes so fast, take the time to breathe it in with your new spouse!
Making time for your photographer is a good investment, the results will be well worth it! The bridal portrait is the most important portrait of the day–because the wedding wouldn’t have happened with out you two!

This was a good time–Aaron passed out cigars to his groomsmen and friends. It turned out to be a really cool photo op, too!

One of my favorites, you really can’t get a cooler family portrait than something like this!

I saw these wispy feathers and…perfect for nestling a ring in!

Everything coordinated so perfectly. These wine bottles doubled as table numbers.

Aaron’s brother ended the party by doing a karaoke of CCR’s Traveling Band.

Since the house is so gorgeous with the lattice ironwork, Rachel wanted to do some night shots, which turned out very soft and romantic!

This classy Cadillac drove Rachel and Aaron off in stlye! Pretty sharp, huh? šŸ™‚

Rachel and Aaron, I am so honored to be a part of your day! You two were absolutely wonderful to spend time with and I’m honored that I was able to capture these beautiful moments for you! It brought a tear to my eye to see two people that love and care for each other so much. Best wishes to you both and I hope to be seeing you again in the future!


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