Artistic Shots | Wedding Emotions

As a photographer and aspiring artist, I’m always looking for ways to show more feeling, more emotion, more of the feeling OF your wedding day. This is so important because these emotions are incredibly passionate–passion in the way of feeling so strongly for someone that you commit your life, soul, and heart to them. Think about that for a second–that’s astounding! Usually brides and grooms are very calm and cool on the mornings of their wedding. They hang out with their friends and families like it’s just another gathering or party, and no tears are shed, everyone is laughing, dancing to an iphone that’s playing their dance mix, and having a few mimosas. The tears come and the nervousness sets in when….they get dressed!
Suddenly “ITS HAPPENING!” sets in! They are a bride and a groom! She has on THE dress that made her mom and sisters cry at the bridal shop! He has on the tux and his mom is pinning on the boutineer on her baby boy who is now a man. The reality of a life milestone sets in and…the emotions flow. And it’s absolutely gorgeous!
It’s amazing to watch two people so lovestruck with each other that the rest of the world melts away. The photo below was taken in Angela and Chris’s bridal portrait, two people that I had the honor of capturing their wedding day. I say it was an honor because seeing how much they cared and respected each other was so moving. When they looked at each other, they were immediately in their own little world. And that’s how it should be! They were so enamoured with each other, not letting go of each other, that they barely needed any coaching with their poses! Not that it mattered, because every time I tried to coach them, they were too busy kissing to listen to me 😉 haha! But again…that’s how it SHOULD be! Every one of their expressions tells their perfect story.
Here is one of their artistic shots, which is a little more emotional than something creative in the way of interesting poses or something fun or goofy. Pintrest is awesome for something funky and neat, but what about something more heartfelt? Something that blurs the line on what is “correct” and moves into the realm of “romantic, earthreal, dreamy” and so forth? Of course, clear, crisp images were taken in this pose, but sometimes putting a photo slightly out of focus takes the weight off of being “right” and just being “here in the moment”. That’s what I want to bring–a passionate feeling, a fleeting moment, something you’ll want to remember forever.


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