Shop Local | Ten Small Businesses in Butler, PA

The Shopping Season has arrived…and I don’t know about you, but I am looking for something a little different to give as gifts this year! I also know the importance of shopping small business, because it supports the families in our community. It’s a win-win situation. You get the product or service you want, and the family that runs the business earns income to support themselves. I’ve also found that when you shop small, the service is better and the relationship is great! They get to know you on a first name basis and become friends. It’s more fun to shop in a store where you’re greeted by your first name and they ask you how your kids are doing, and you have a conversation while you shop. I highly recommend it!
Below listed are ten newer businesses in Butler. Some have just recently opened, so I wanted to visit them and check them out. I was impressed each time–being involved in something that is unique was really fun! It truly beats shopping at big box stores 🙂

The first one I went to was Mind Body Yoga of Butler. Everyone knows the benefits of yoga, and it’s a great activity to get involved in for all types of health benefits. The studio offers a variety of classes for all exercise levels. They even offer a meditation class! Their class schedule can be found here, and they have a wide array of class times to fit everyone’s schedule. Mind Body Yoga also offers Gift Certificates for easy gift giving–give a loved on a four class punch card in their stocking this year!

IMG_8430 IMG_8460
The next awesome place I went to was one of my favorites that I think everyone should stop in to enjoy–The Chop Shop! The place is just totally fun! Bill, the owner has had years of experience running his catering company, Dr. Sous Catering, and now he and his cute wife Des have opened up their own restaurant! With amazing reubens, fantastic all-grilled salads, stuffed to the brim wraps…and um…funnel cake sundaes…there are TOO many good things on the menu to choose from! Also, don’t forget their baked goods. As well as offering gluten free cookies (!!!!!!) there are filled snicker doodles (which I inhaled a dozen myself…) and other cookies and desserts! This is the perfect gift certificate to get your Foodie Friend, or, just stop in here after your holiday shopping–impressed every time 🙂

IMG_8508 IMG_8499 Chop Shop Butler PA

Also on the Gift Certificate list, something great to buy is lunches–for friends, coworkers, anyone! Instead of giving a GetGo card or a Sheetz MTO card, go to The Hoagie Shop!
These make great stocking stuffers for someone on the go for lunch, with their all natural buns with no preservatives and generous portions, they’ll be much appreciated!

For those of you that love to go antiquing, a cute and eclectic shop has opened its doors and there are so many interesting things inside! Over Again Consign & Redesign Boutique has tons of pretty merchandise to chose from. Just look at the way she displays the milk glass! There are lots of pretty things for anyone on your list.

IMG_8540 I also loved the window display for the Steeler’s gifts 🙂 IMG_8575 IMG_8574 IMG_8569 IMG_8567 IMG_8565 IMG_8562 IMG_8558 IMG_8553 IMG_8550 IMG_8547 IMG_8543
How about for the Music aficionado in your life? Music lessons are a fantastic gift!  Fugi and Greg are a dynamic duo that are fun to spend time with. They teach piano, guitar, and voice lessons. They are also available to play for events, such as cocktail hours or social parties. They can be reached at 724-841-1513, and will surely add the musical talent to your repertoire you’ve been looking for!
IMG_8934 IMG_8953

For that vitamin D fix we’re all lacking, head over to Diamond Tanning, where Jo and her sister have two convenient locations for you to choose from! There is one in Butler on Pittsburgh Street right off of the Main Street Bridge, and one in New Castle. They are Smart Tan Certified, and offer an array of beautiful lotions to choose from!
IMG_8959 IMG_8964 IMG_8990 IMG_8980I liked this packet of lotion because of the variety of coverage it helps with your tan! Jo has expertise knowledge about all the beds and lotions that her salon offers, and quickly rattled off facts to me. If you have any questions about tanning or the products, she knows all the answers. Smart girl!
IMG_8970 I thought this bottle was fun, too, it was a take on 50 Shades of Gray…it’s 50 Shades of Darkness!

For some wonderful cupcakes with creative flavors, hop down to Evans City where new bakery Tin Man Sweets is located! Only open for five months, they have won #2 in Pittsburgh’s Best Cupcakes contest! I’d say that warrants a visit 🙂 They have special order forms for your holiday parties as well as other cakes, cupcakes and a whole host of baked goods to choose from!

IMG_9012Below are some of the apple cupcakes…yummmm… 🙂

IMG_8997 Their shop is also very festive, and check out that really cool wedding cake! IMG_9007 IMG_8999Their scones are always a favorite as well 😉
If you are looking to put together a gift basket, call Tonya Edinger from Tastefully Simple, you can order from the catalog, or she has items on-hand that you can order and pick up. These make a great addition to a gift for a baker or someone that entertains often.

One of my all time favorite people and bakers…Pennie! I’ve been lucky enough to be able to sample these awesome baked goods since I was a teenager, and I’d love to tell everyone how everything is wonderful–from the service to the cakes! She’s a dear, and is so incredibly creative with decorations and variety. Check out her facebook page to see the beautiful wedding cakes, and keep her in mind for your holiday parties as well as special orders!
(Photos used with permission from Cakes by Pennie)

pennie variety cupcakes pennie snowflake pennie cupcake pennie baby cup
A really cool place to visit in Evans City is Wendereusz’s Candy & More! This is a generational family owned business, the art of making these wonderful candies has been passed down through family members. Their recipes have proved to have a great following of clients, and they taste as good as they look!
The candied apples are the size of cannonballs (just look below!) and there are so many of these that can be great stocking stuffers as well as a treat to yourself while you shop!

IMG_9018 IMG_9029 IMG_9032 IMG_9041 IMG_9045 IMG_9048 IMG_9055Isn’t their window display adorable? Love it 🙂

A newly opened store in Evans City, Con Yeager offers specialty spices to cover any style of cooking! Based in New Castle, they are branching out to other areas, and I had a good time in this store looking at the seemingly endless supply of spices! I hadn’t heard of so many, and all of them were so interesting, I picked up a few for myself! Definitely head over to this store to satisfy your inner foodie, or to pick up a gift for someone that would think of unique dishes to cook with!

IMG_9063 IMG_9065This post was a lot of fun to put together. I enjoyed meeting so many great shop owners and learning about what inspired them to start their own business and how they had a passion for something that they wanted to share with others. I was also happy to learn that they noticed more people walking on the street–the small businesses that opened had gotten people in the community more interested on what was happening on the main street. I found that really uplifting–people are coming out and being more engaged with the people around them. Shopping locally is certainly the way to go! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Shop Local | Ten Small Businesses in Butler, PA

  1. I shopped in Butler (first time ever) last week with the intent to eat at The Chop Shop (Main Street) & Christmas shop. The Chop Shop breakfast was out of this world! Highly Recommend! But I got TWO $20 parking tickets for leaving my car (I met my son there & got in his car to shop)…after calls to the police station, they refused to remove even one ticket as an act of good will or in the name of Holiday Shopping, First-time offender. Huge deterrent to ever go back to Butler downtown area. Turning from Jefferson Street on to Main there are no visible signs with parking restrictions. Only if you walk to the beginning of the block & look 20 feet in the air do you see the sign (2 hour parking). A very unhappy visitor to Butler!

    • Sorry to hear about the parking mishap, Laurie! I know that with the new parking lots that were put into place, parking on Main Street itself has decreased b/c people would rather park in a lot. I’m sure if you spoke up to the council, they would be happy to put up more signs! Thanks for visiting our city and for the great compliments on the Chop Shop 🙂

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