Lush | Awesome Vendors!

I was lucky enough to be gifted with some lovely cosmetics recently! My best friend showed up at my house with a gift that smelled wonnnnderful–and she said it was all handmade! Loving things that are all natural and made in small batches, I was instantly impressed!
I opened the funky packaging and found these cool cosmetics–softening soap, a bar of lotion, and a tanning bar! How cool is that?
The soap smelled like strawberries and made my skin so soft. She said that when she was buying it, it was on a table in a big block, and she said how much she wanted and they cut a piece right in front of her and wrapped it up! You know it’s fresh!
The lotion bar smells like white chocolate, which is absolutely delicious! It feels just like lotion, but doesn’t need that “drying time” as you do with traditional lotions. You put it on your skin and it feels instantly absorbed. Fantastic!
The self-tanner is pretty cool–it works just how it sounds. You rub it on your skin and it tints your skin a hint–and then you wash it off whenever you’re ready to shower next. It’s not sticky or greasy at all, and it’s very even. It’s so much simpler than using a traditional tanning lotion or liquid that you have to be very careful with to not get streaks.
All of the above mentioned products could be SOOO useful on your wedding day! I immediately thought of brides who wanted to put lotion on, but didn’t want to get any wet marks or grease stains on their gown, or worried that they would sweat too much if they put on traditional lotion. They also have an array of face masks for taking care of your skin a few weeks before your wedding, hair products, and face creams. There is so much to choose from!
These products are so awesome with how they’ve taken a fresh approach to uses of everyday products! They also smell amazing, and the fact that they are all natural and all handmade is just the icing on the cake! 🙂 I would highly recommend them for your cosmetic needs, and also as fantastic gifts for anyone on your list! Lush’s Pittsburgh store can be found here or you can order from their website here! Give them a try, you’ll be impressed just as much as I was 🙂

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