Unique Wedding Details | Pittsburgh Photographer

With so many brides turning into DIY Goddesses, I thought I’d share two of my personal favorite DIY projects that a bride of mine put together for her wedding. These were from a lovely wedding I shot three years ago, set on her family’s farm of beautiful rolling hills and a backyard ceremony and reception.
She decorated the ceremony area herself with lots of vibrant flowers and foliage. Something I loved were these water globes which held more vibrant flowers. They looked so interesting because they were suspended from shepherd’s hooks and seemed to float along the lines of the ceremony seating.
I also adored all of the origami birds she had suspended everywhere. These were strung up with different wood and glass beads, and lined the reception site. They were hung from the reception tent, and swayed gently in the breeze, and were just so pretty and romantic! This could easily be a fun project for a bride and her ‘maids to do on a girls night in with some cookies and a bottle of wine (yes, cookies and wine totally go together!)
These two decorations are fun to DIY in your own colors and could compliment any outdoor ceremony and reception! I hope they inspire you to create something fun and unique for your own special day 🙂

IMG_8828 IMG_8498


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