Happy German New Year! | Pittsburgh Photographer

This New Year we did something different–we celebrated German New Year! The town that we live in has a high German-Descent population, and they celebrate their culture with the traditional food and fare. It was awesome, the food was fantastic and everything was so festive. In Historic Harmony, there were quaint antique shops open, and a funky shop called the Kingdom of Three, as well as Wunderbar Coffee House and an amazing Hooping Group who danced with fire.
I loved this sign, printed in German, which means “Mulled Wine”.
IMG_0410The Center of Harmony put on a great event. The New Year’s Ball was dropped at 6:00, because it was Midnight in Germany. After that, fireworks were set, gorgeous!
German New Years, Harmony PA German New Years, Harmony PAWe were so busy eating an amazing buffet of bratwurst, pork and kraut, potatoes, and bread pudding that we missed a large portion of the Hooping Show! I was so sad! But I will certainly be on time next year. This troupe has so much passion, and it was freezing and snowing outside, but they just bundled up, lit their hoops, and danced through it! They are truly entertaining and fantastic!
German New Years, Harmony PA German New Years, Harmony PAHarmony put on such a great event, we can’t wait to attend next year! German New Year is totally the way to go 😉


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