Out With the Old, In with the NEW! | Rebranding| Pittsburgh Photographer

Greetings, everyone! I know it has been a LONG time since you’ve seen a recent post from me, but rest assured, I have been super busy! My winter project consisted of re-branding my business to better serve my clients! It has been a long but exciting and interesting experience. I have learned more about marketing than I realized I would. I have learned about myself and how I relate to people. I’ve also learned how to properly portray myself via posts, photos, and interactions so that you can feel how excited I am about what I can offer you and your loved ones for photos!
I decided to change my business name from “Violet Veil” to just my name–it makes it easier for people to understand who I am personally, and that I’m more than a “business”. I’m a PERSON that cares about you and your loved ones–whether it’s on your wedding day, your anniversary, your senior year in high school, your newborn, or your family shoot. I want to get to know you on a more personal level, and I think the business name itself is a great way to start.
I’ve officially gotten my paperwork back with the business bureau, and I’m excited to share the photos I’ve been saving to post with my new watermark! I still have a little work to do–I need to get my own domain name for my website and make it my own! I hope to have a great stand-alone website available soon! I’m also putting together my marketing materials to reflect the new name, and redesign the materials so they have a better flow and more details to read over.
I’m so grateful to everyone that has supported me through these changes, and has been so wonderful with their encouragement and kind words. I look forward to meeting more of you in person–keep your eye out for more posts–I’ve got plenty! 🙂 We’ll start with this yummy shot of Dozen’s vanilla cupcakes–my favorite! [Every post is better with a photo!]

If you haven't tried Dozen's Cupcakes...you are totally missing out!

If you haven’t tried Dozen’s Cupcakes…you are totally missing out!

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