Paisano | Pittsburgh Photographer

For as long as I can remember, my Dad wore his pinkie ring on special occasions. When I saw it shine alongside his wedding band, I knew he was excited for the event or party that we were about to attend. In time, it became a symbol of happiness, anticipation, excitement, and deep love and respect for the people we were about to spend time with. There is also a certain comfort I feel when I see it, I’m also reminded of all the past events and family gatherings where I’ve seen it. And with Italians…our hands fly. I remember seeing it as he held out his hand to push me on the swing while talking to my uncles. I remember seeing the ring shine when his hands flew in conversation.
There’s an old joke that goes something like “If you tell an Italian to put his hands in his pockets, he can’t talk”. Well, that’s…basically true. We are crazy, passionate people. Sometimes we talk too much. Sometimes we can get really loud. We use our hands in conversation to punctuate what we feel strongly about, or to engage others, and to hug you goodbye when the night is finally over. It’s pretty hard to do all that meaningful stuff if your hands are in your pockets!
Needless to say…I want a pinkie ring. Yeeeesss…I know I’m a girl and I’m “not supposed” to wear one but I want to carry on the tradition, and make sure my sons have the tradition too. Then maybe someday they’ll have children of their own that smile when they see their Dad put on his own pinkie ring and give them the reassuring touch of his hand.


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