This Week I’ve Learned… | Pittsburgh Photographer Weekly Post

So I’ve been thinking of ways you can get to know me better…I’m not just a photographer, I’m a person! I like to spend time with my clients and hopefully turn them into friends 🙂 So…starting now, here are weekly posts that will help you get to know me, and maybe we will even find we will have quite a few things in common!
We are constantly learning, growing, and changing…here is what has grown with me this week, and what I’ve learned this week 🙂

  • I’ve learned that you can see how much someone values a relationship by how the people take a photo with them. The camera lens catches psychology.
  • I’ve learned that at weddings…family portraits outside are priceless to the parents 🙂
  • I’ve learned that regardless of if they smoke or not, boys always love cigars!
  • I’ve learned that Bob Marley makes me cry…I miss Jamaica and our honeymoon! Walking on the beach morning, noon, and night was one of the best times of my life…that and the incredible fresh mango smoothies our boy Kevin made us!
  • I’ve learned that I’m a pretty cheap date. My favorite bottle of wine costs a whopping  $3.99. It’s Concord Wine, in case you’re wondering. Very grapey and very sweet!
  • I’ve learned that little boys do best when placed in dirt with shovels.
  • I’ve learned that transplanting flowers isn’t nearly as hard as I thought.
  • I’ve learned that one small object from my grandmother’s house can bring back close to a thousand memories.
  • I’ve learned that I can make sauerkraut just as good as any German. I’m talking from scratch. As in, you mandolin the kraut, pepper, onion, and carrot and add vinegar, caraway seed, and spices and let it sit. For a while.
  • I’ve learned that I really, really, really missed watercolor painting.
  • I’ve learned that my husband makes the best antipasto dishes. When someone tells you that he’s Italian by osmosis…believe him, because it’s true.
  • I’ve learned that it warms my heart when my son runs in the house with a tulip that he’s picked for me…what a doll!
  • I’ve learned that I don’t even know where to begin with missing New Jersey…I just do.
  • I’ve learned that one simple dinner dish can make you feel right at home…or at least in your comfort zone!
  • I’ve learned that home is where the heart is…wherever that may be…and it may change over the years.
  • I’ve learned that the sun feels different in every sate, as I scan across my memories…Sade…Why are you walking away…why do you play these games…
  • I’ve learned that every blog post is better with a photo…so here you go…this photo was taken free-lensing at f/0. Yes, that’s 0.0. You should try it!




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