This Week I’ve learned | Personal Weekly Post | Kate Stutz Photography

It’s a late start for the day, but I’ll gladly take it! I let my kids stay up late last night to watch their favorite show…and they were behaving so well and getting along that I wanted to make it last as long as it could! I was pretty impressed. It was a double win because they slept in until 7am! That is extremely late for us! So it’s been a long week and I’m glad it’s Friday! Here’s what I learned this week:

  • I’ve learned that my oldest is actually starting to develop his own style.
  • I’ve learned that even little boys can care what their hair looks like…if it’s spiky and messy enough, and…want a blow out! Sheesh!
  • I’ve learned that I’m secretly very proud when my kids walk into their classroom and have all the other kids running up to them to say hello.
  • I’ve learned that I’m probably the most distractable person I’ve ever met.
  • I’ve learned that one phone call can really brighten your day.
  • I’ve learned that I’m a pretty good baker…when I can pay attention to the recipe…
  • I’ve learned that even just a short time spent with girls and milkshakes can do wonders for your spirit!
  • I’ve learned that when my best friend gives me a ring she got for me in Sicily, I cry. She is so thoughtful and sweet! I can’t get over her!
  • I’ve learned that I’m absolutely dying to travel. We missed out on a lot of vacations and semesters abroad because we were trying to get on our feet. The world is getting smaller and I’m dying to take advantage of it!
  • I’ve learned that I’m incredibly sick of green salads. Pass the panzanella, PLEASE!
  • I’ve learned that finding new hobbies can be really exciting–even if they are presently limited to notes in my notebook for future reference. Everything I do is done piecemeal because of time constraints, but I’ll take it! One can’t hurry art.
  • I’ve learned that beautiful weather can really improve your mood. Is this why everyone in California is so chipper? I’d totally move there if it weren’t so expensive!
  • I’ve learned that giving up caffeine (third day in a row!) can do wonders for your skin. It took a long time to wean myself off, but it was worth it! No migraines!
  • I’ve learned that when my husband isn’t home, it really throws my days off! I’ve been thinking it was Friday for two days now. So much for calendars. I go by routine!
  • I’ve learned that I’m really, really, rillyrillyrilly looking forward to hitting up the farmer’s market this summer! Juicing vegetables is so much better when you begin with flavorful veg…not the waterlogged celery you get at the big box stores. Oh and the raw honey that is so complex and thick that you can practically chew it!
  • I’ve learned that I should never make chocolate chip cookies “for the kids” because truthfully….they end up being “for me”. And it doesn’t count as a cookie if you eat the dough before it’s baked…right?
  • I’ve learned that the simple things are the best…my lovely boy brought me this red tulip he picked for me outside…it looks so pretty in a glass on the windowsill!


2 thoughts on “This Week I’ve learned | Personal Weekly Post | Kate Stutz Photography

  1. Love this one! 🙂 Not because I got a mention in it, but because you talk about the boys growing up and becoming their own little people! Love them. And I love that you bake well when you follow the recipe. No more “Oops” cooking episodes.

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