Combination Family Portraits | Extended Family Portrait | Pittsburgh Family Photographer

How many times have you said “we should do a photo with ALL the grandkids” or a photo of all of your siblings that your mom has been begging for? Combination family portraits are a great way to make memories, as well as document that time of everyone being together! With this cute family, all of the siblings got together with their partners and their kids, and we did different combinations of the families. You can have anyone in the family there, and different combinations of photos are done. These are also great because while a few people are being photographed, the small children can take a break and run around or get a snack! Read below for more details!
First we started out with individuals of the kids, giving breaks to the Littles as they needed them! Juice and snacks always help with that too ๐Ÿ™‚

Then, we did different combos of the parents with their kids!
And the little girls got a few taken together as well!
A siblings-only portrait was done, so that their mom could have it for a gift! Sweet idea, any mother would adore getting a photo of all her children!
And last but not least, we did some re-engagements of one of the sisters and her husband…aren’t they TOO cute? ๐Ÿ™‚ These are fun to do!
Fun stuff! Invite everyone over for heirloom portraits your children will love in a few years!

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