New Fave: French Broad Chocolates!

Sometimes I accept forms of payment in…chocolate. And why not? What better way to trade than to get scrumptious, home-made, artisan deliciousness in return for a day’s work? I can’t think of a more winning combination!
We had passed French Broad Chocolates several times on our way to the Thirsty Monk (no need to mention why it’s our most-visited place!) and I was just dying to try the chocolates and coffee. Each one was prettier than the last! But the one item that totally captivated my eye–literally I zoned out–was the beautiful home made macarons! The cutie on the other side of the counter told me that they were “chocolate hazelnut macarons with Kahlua cream centers” and there was no turning back! Can I just tell you hoooow slowly I ate that macaron? It was divine! Absolutely my new favorite, hands down. Pair it with a perfectly foamed latte and a beautiful room to sip it in, you’ve got yourself a wonderful afternoon break. Drop your notebook on the distressed wooden table with the sunlight pouring through the windows and let your mind wander, it’s exactly what you need to slip into a world of your own.
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