Anywhere I turn, there is bad news. Violence, screaming, crying, and even on more of a home hit, people disagreeing over absolutely everything. It gets to the point where you can’t sign into any one platform of social media without some kind of backlash, snarky meme, and people you know-but-don’t-really-know putting in their opinion. I’ve never found that I’m all-in when it comes to weighing in. Nothing is completely black and white to where I’d be able to throw out an opinion and hope I’ve got it all covered. Every time I think I’ve got an opinion sorted, God lets me meet someone to show me that I’m wrong, and how that my way of thinking could really hurt/upset that person, who is, a really good person.
The only time I see the news is at the gym. And every day this week, it’s been nothing but apocalyptic-type reports. Between more frequent duty days, friends being deployed, reports of more fighting, I did what any typical military wife would do: I shut down my social media and even blocked some people. This is a time to be private, right? This is a time to not share.
While this isn’t a time to correct, this is a time to offer a listening ear.
While this isn’t a time to teach, it is a time to reflect.
While this isn’t a time to lecture, it’s a time to grow personally.
This is a time to use your gifts as a blessing to others. You can calm others. You can inspire others to grow and open. You can ripple stagnant waters.
Between screenshots, mutual friends, picbear, looking over other user’s shoulders, and even sharing passwords (ew! creepy!) the ONLY way for others not to see your social media is to not have it at all. Really, that’s your only option.

While I choose to not show my kids, I do enjoy sharing my life and sharing my faith, my family, my own growth, hobbies, and photography. It’s fun to connect with others and also, a great deal of learning has happened, which is pretty impressive.
After some thinking, I’ve decided to lift the blocks I placed earlier–for the many reasons I blocked some people, I changed my mind. Why? I don’t want people to think I hate them. I don’t want to hate. We all have learning to do. No one is perfect, that’s why we have Jesus. I want to show my own path and my own walk, and I don’t want to cut anyone off if they feel inclined to read what I write or even reach out.
I was reading this other girl’s account the other day about a certain trauma she dealt with growing up, and after she briefly described how she overcame it as an adult, she said she wanted to help anyone out there, and invited anyone to ask her questions if they had the same experience because she wanted to help. How powerful! This young lady just put herself out there to help anyone that shared that pain and that same story. Here she is, not shutting herself off and hiding, but offering help and comfort to people. It was moving as it was heartwarming. She now has a successful career making her own organic skincare, and speaks out with the energy I envy. Privating and blocking will not get me to her energy level.
For now, my blog posts will continue to be intermittent. I still love writing, but with limited time, it’s a huge challenge. Everything will work in God’s perfect timing to help me return to writing, but until then, tiny pieces of inspiration, kind words, and hope will keep this going.


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