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Missy and her boys were SO excited as they awaited the arrival of their new baby! Missy was a glowing mommy, so we did some prism work with her solo portraits. It’s great to do different combinations of family portraits in one session! I love to do parents by themselves, and each with the child by themselves, and then solo with each child. There’s no limit to combinations! I love to offer the variety pack with each session, and you get to keep all of your images too!

Pittsburgh Outdoor Family Portrait | Pittsburgh Outdoor Maternity Portrait | Pittsburgh Family Photographer

This is one of my favorite shoots since the start of summer! Ashleigh had contacted me to do some maternity photos for her, and also to bring along her husband and their adorable daughter. I love doing different combinations like this because it gives the little kids a chance to take a break and relax, and also get solo portraits of each member of the family. Their daughter was soooo cuuuute with her little curls and sweet brown eyes, and Ashleigh glowed–she looks amazing with her baby belly! She is an absolute doll, I’m so glad we met–we spent as much time talking as we did shooting! Here are a few of my favorites from their shoot:
IMG_2105 IMG_2110IMG_2120 IMG_2125 IMG_2127 IMG_2130 IMG_2140IMG_2153 IMG_2182 IMG_2189 IMG_2230IMG_2280 IMG_2293 IMG_2307 IMG_2309 IMG_2323Doesn’t she look so pretty? 🙂
These next two were some of my favorites–she just looks so at peace laying in her mommy’s lap, resting after playing! So sweet!
IMG_2359 IMG_2363Thank you for letting me spend this special time with you–what a wonderful family, all the best with the new baby and big sister!

Family Portrait | Succop Conservancy Portraits

One of my long-time girlfriends had contacted me for family photos and I was so excited to see her and her adorable kids again! Not only are they well behaved, they are also so photogenic and sweet! We met at the Succop Conservancy in the evening, just as the sun was setting, which produced some gorgeous light! Here are a few of my favorites from their session!

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Peace, Love, and Family Vibes

I absolutely love anything unique–and this gorgeous family had it down to an art form. They are naturists and love being outside, and with their lovely daughter, looked so beautiful at Rock Falls Park in the glowing sunlight. I especially loved their Earthy style and long dreadlocks. Anything that showcases personality and what YOU like is just perfect!

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