Beauty in Imperfection

There is no such thing as perfect, but we live in a culture that claims that it exists. Currently, this is the second time I’ve tried to write this post. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it just “magically” dissapeared for no reason. So eff off inter-webs, I’m going to write my Goddamn piece whether you like it or not. I’m going to tell people, everyone, that they don’t have to be perfect to be good people, or be attractive. I’m going to let women know that they don’t have to look sixteen forever to be beautiful. I’m going to tell men that that they don’t have to look like a juiced up Ken doll to look attractive. People need to know that they can be beautiful without an insane amount of plastic surgery. So your shitty industry can kiss our cute asses. Asses that haven’t been injected with chemical-laden junk produced in your sterile lab. ANYWAY.

Beauty is found in imperfection. The only thing we can rely on is change, and move with it instead of fighting against it. It’s a far cry from 17, and sometimes I tear up going through photos, but we need to stay out of our “it’s just gone” mentality. You are not gone. You are still here. You are a little different, but you’re here.

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Buon San Valentino!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! (The title is in Italian, of course!) Even if you are single, you can still celebrate Valentino Giorno because there will always be someone in your life that you share love with. Don’t forget parents, friends, and siblings that are dear to you. They would love to get a card telling them that you care, just so you make sure they know. A little thought goes a long way. Read below for a How-To:

I know a lot of people write off Valentine’s Day as a “Hallmark Holiday” and grump around about it, but I feel like they’re not looking at it the right way. It’s not just another day people spend money on others. It’s a day to take a little time to tell the people you spend most of your free time with that you care about them. Cards and gifts do not need to be expensive or extravagant. In fact, the best gifts I’ve ever received were gifts that were made, drawn, baked, or painted!

I decided to make Valentine’s Cards for my husband, sister, bff, and gfs that are near and dear to me. I love to craft, but really, anyone can whip this right up. With the babes running around I was short on time, or there would be glitter absolutely everywhere.

1.)  Get your cards, labels, or tags that you’ve either bought or made. Set them out to decide which tag goes with what chocolate.
Use a paper punch to put a hole into the tag. The one I have just happens to be a butterfly, but you could use any! Feel free to go crazy with themes here! I’m more hodge-podge…

2.)  Punch le cards/tags. If you have a punch like this, and are punching watercolor paper like I am, you’re going to get a workout. Other crafters will be smart and use cardstock at most, and be smart and use a real-live paper punch. But I like life in the fast lane.

3.)  Using shiny plastic ribbon, attach tags, tie and curl with scissors.  Ensure it’s only theee beeest chocolate. Every other day, regular store varieties are perfectly fine. But for special occasions, go the extra mile. You don’t have to spend $35 on a box of truffles, although I’m sure that will not receive any complaints! All I’m saying is…one bar of extra fine chocolate goes a long way! Go to Betsy Ann’s Chocolates! I swear to you, they are better than…well, I’m not going to bash any other brands, but I seriously think you’d have to go to Belgium to find anything better!

4.) Give! And don’t forget to give your friend/partner/family member/husband/wife a hug after doing so! Duh. That’s the most important part!

I’d also like to add for all the “Humbug Hallmarkers” (HAHA I JUST MADE THAT UP FOR REAL!!!) that Valentine’s Day is actually a REAL holiday. It actually has a few different historical backgrounds from various cultures that can be found in this synopsis. The Italian version is that St. Valentine wed couples in secret. He believed in love and promoted love. I think it’s beautiful that centuries later, there are still people that hold a day aside in the honor of love!