Liz & Adam | Saint Wendelin Wedding | St. Wendelin’s Wedding | Butler PA Wedding | Fenelton PA Wedding | Happy Hunters Sportsman Club Wedding

Every time I see lemons or yellow, I now think of Liz. This color fits her personality perfectly–bright, cheerful, and welcoming. Liz and Adam had a beautiful day, and were surrounded by so many people to love and support them. There love is both inspiring and heartwarming–they are all about each other and their gorgeous littles. The heartfelt ceremony was followed by a huge party–one of the most popular I’ve shot–but everyone got a turn to wish Liz and Adam a life of love together.



Loved spending the day with you two ❤ All the best! ❤


Sarah & Audie | St. Wendelin’s Wedding | Saint Wendelin’s Wedding | Highfield Hall Wedding

Sarah and Audie make the sweetest couple. They are such good friends, have a ton of inside jokes, and are so affectionate with each other. Their friends are the center of their life, and they threw a fantastic party to celebrate their vows. Shooting their wedding was a joy getting to know everyone, and even though there was a toonnnn of rain, we got to take some beautiful portraits in the sanctuary at St. Wendelin’s. During the reception, one of Sarah’s bridesmaids watched the weather radar like it was her job, and found us a ten minute window to be able to get some portraits outside!






Thanks for having me! Everyone had such a blast on your day! ❤