Tiffany + Jarod

We headed to the Butler City Hunting Fishing Club (formerly the East Butler Hunting Fishing Club) for Tiffany and Jarod’s engagement photos. It’s a great location as it’s so easy to find, and provides so many areas for beautiful, green photos.
It was a perfect evening as the sun set through the woods, and Tiffany’s angel hair looked gorgeous in the setting sun!


Emily & Lee | Butler Wedding Photographer | Butler Engagement Photos | Butler Engagement Pictures | Succop Conservancy Wedding

Emily and Lee shared a beautiful winter engagement! We waited patiently until it snowed to do these cozy photos! They had Cumming’s coffee and each other to keep warm in the snow. Surrounded by gorgeous holly trees at Succop Nature Park, the red and green contrasted perfectly against the brilliant white snow.


Kristen & Joe | Pittsburgh Rotunda Engagement

Kristen and Joe are two lovely people I met at a Bridal Show last season. Kristen was one of the most cheerful brides at the show! You could see her enthusiasm for planning her day with Joe, and her smile was eye catching…as were her cute shoes 😉
Kristen expressed an interest in the Pittsburgh Rotunda for their engagement shoot, which is a location that I love! You can get quite a bit of variety here. What’s great about this area is that you have the metro backdrop of the rotunda, but you also get some greenery in the courtyard below. It’s a pretty green space in the middle of a busy city center!
We started out in the courtyard, and got some cute shots incorporating trees and the landscaping surrounding the sidewalks. The fall colors came together beautifully!

Below is one of my favorites–I just love how the trees frame this beautiful couple! Symmetry can be so complimenting when the straight lines are softened by leaves!

A quick walk up the stairs brought us to the Rotunda, which is right in front of
The Pennsylvanian. There are apartments here, and you can also host a wedding here! It’s also easy to find–it’s just a few blocks over from the Strip District in Pittsburgh.

Incorporating the architecture into some of the photos was a must! Just look at the details to this intricate building.

Kristen and Joe, thanks for spending the evening with me, it was great to get to know you and capture your romance! Good luck with all of your wedding planning, it’s sure to be a gorgeous day with the way you two look at each other 🙂 Cheers!

Natasha & Lane | Succop Conservancy Engagement

I had met Natasha and Lane while shooting a wedding earlier in the season–they were on the dance floor the whole time! They were certainly a fun couple, with Natasha’s brilliant smile and Lane’s contagious sense of humor, they were easy to talk to! I was so excited when Natasha contacted me to do Engagement photos of her and Lane–they were such a cute couple, I knew it would be a good time. We went to the Succop Conservancy, where there is such a variety of beautiful places for back drops.

We started the session by doing some photos in front of the house–the wrought iron lattice work is so pretty!

I also love the back courtyard, it’s like a step back in time, and also offers the ability for some sitting poses with the brick half-wall.

These two small buildings caught Natasha’s eye, so we used them for some poses. She has a good eye–these turned out so romantic, and the colors are gorgeous! Painted brick is so timeless and looks awesome.

The barn was a wonderful backdrop, and the tree behind it looked like it was on fire! Perfect for a fall shoot!

Aren’t they adorable?!?!?! 😀

We used the arbor because, haha, they got the memo that Natasha was wearing burgundy and decorated it accordingly! 😉 Of course that’s not the truth but it worked out so well for Natasha and Lane’s shoot!

Natasha has sparkling blue eyes that are just striking! They made a statement in every photo. Just gorgeous!

This huge weeping willow made a very romantic backdrop. I loved shooting through the leafy vines to frame them. They are so in the moment with each other, it was fun to watch them joke around with each other while I shot.

Love this one in black and white!
One of my favorite things to do–shoot into the sun! It blurs everything, making the light bounce everywhere and gives the photo a soft glow and a romantic feeling. No photoshop was used in these photos. It was all done in camera with a prime lens, the sun, and a beautiful couple!

I love this one because you can look at her eyes and see how much she adores him!

And now…for Miss Lola!!! She was so tiny and cute!

Can you spot Lola? 😉

Love the bench with the birch trees by the ponds. Just so pretty!

And we caught a beautiful sunset! What a lovely backdrop for these cuties!

Lola even laid her head down 🙂 Too cute!

Loved doing this one for Natasha–her family sells lights like this! It’s their family business, so Natasha’s involved in knowledge about lights like this too. It’s always nice to see something that you identify with and that’s a part of your life. It’s fun to incorporate something very personal into your Engagement shoot, it’s all about you, after all! It will be nice to give this to Natasha’s parents so that they can have it in their office–their daughter, her new husband, and the family business! Oh, and Lola 😉
Natasha and Lane, it was wonderful to spend the evening with you two! Thank you for letting me capture these special moments for you! You are such great people and are meant for each other, it warms my heart–I can’t wait for the wedding! 🙂

Jenna & Alex | Rock Falls Park Portrait

I knew I would adore spending a session with Jenna and Alex when I remarked how cute they were and Jenna said “It’s about to get silly!” Haha–they hadn’t seen each other in a few days because of work schedules, so this session kind of doubled as a “date” for them! It was wonderful to see two kids that were absolutely crazy for each other! We did this entire session at the beautiful Rock Falls Park, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to go.

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